About A Thriving Warrior

A Thriving Warrior was birthed out of a desire for an online platform for survivors of violence against their personhood to show the world what thriving truly looks like. Survivors of violence against their personhood are resilient, can be powerful leaders, and deserve to be recognized as the incredible human beings that they are…without being ‘just’ a survivor.

Intimate partner violence, stalking, strangulation, sexual assault, sexual exploitation and trafficking are crimes against a person that are not easily overcome. It takes guts to survive that kind of violence.  It takes grit to fight back and start to live again. It takes courage, patience, and fierceness to learn to thrive. And it takes blood, sweat, tears, hard work, honesty, determination, and an amazing community to begin the healing work that births a warrior.

***A Thriving Warrior bio’s will be posted soon***